Score Metacritic : 79%
Score Game Rankings : 79.36%

Presse française
"Tout en ayant habilement remanié le fond et la forme, les développeurs de Climax se sont néanmoins fourvoyés en cherchant coûte que coûte à construire leur jeu autour de quelques éléments de gameplay. Le résultat se veut donc mi-figue mi-raisin. En somme, si on appréciera un scénario plus sophistiqué ou l'ambiance glaciale, en totale opposition avec celle du volet initial mais dénotant d'un malaise aussi profond, on pestera devant une plus grande linéarité et des séquences de cauchemar synonymes de courses-poursuites complètement loupées."

"Pratiquer une refonte du moule traditionnel de la série fût à coup sûr la meilleure décision prise par Climax Studios au lancement du projet Shattered Memories. Totalement réinventé et méconnaissable, le premier Silent Hill troque ses horreurs occultes et son brouillard légendaire contre une ambiance glaciale et un périple dont l'imaginaire s'adapte en partie à la psyché du personnage/joueur. Malgré quelques écarts techniques et une structure pas aussi modulable qu'on peut l'espérer au final, ce nouvel épisode signe le retour de la série sur le terrain de l'audace et de l'introspection. Et après un Silent Hill : Homecoming en demi-teinte, on ne peut que s'en réjouir."
"Audacieux, joli et jouable, Silent Hill : Shattered Memories vient mettre une claque à un genre plus enclin à lorgner sur l'action teintée d'aventure qu'à se réinventer. Se faisant complètement confiance, Climax nous livre une copie personnelle qui offre à la série, sans la dénaturer, le second souffle dont elle avait besoin. Shattered Memories fait peur, interpelle, stimule et nous retourne comme une crêpe à chacune de ses séquences, dont certaines sont déjà cultes."

"Ainsi s'il paraissait risqué de s'attaquer à un titre aussi culte que Silent Hill, Climax s'en sort avec les honneurs. Bien sûr quelques maladresses persistent (la prise en main essentiellement), mais le titre garde un charme macabre suffisamment convaincant pour mériter de s'y perdre. Face à un épisode Homecoming bancal, l'intérêt redécolle ici en flèche. Sans arme et sans monstre titanesque, Silent Hill : Shattered Memories réussit à raconter une histoire faisant autant appel à vos souvenirs de joueur, qu'à votre affect d'individu."

"Au final, on pouvait craindre un wiimake sans âme mais il n’en est rien. Les développeurs de Climax ont réussi le pari osé de modifier très sensiblement le gameplay de Silent Hill. [...] Tout cela nous donne une ambiance à tout casser plus basée sur une frayeur latente que sur la surprise. Bien sûr on peut tout de même reprocher quelques choix malheureux comme le système de fuite qui est lassant à la longue mais il y a un signe qui ne trompe pas : on ne lâche pas la manette avant d’avoir vu la fin de l’intrigue !"

"En remaniant les bases de la série, Climax a su conserver le meilleur de Silent Hill et dépoussière une saga culte qui avait définitivement besoin d’un coup de jeune. Culotté, mais admirable."

Presse internationale

"The game looks fabulous, the controls feel tailor made for Wii, the flashlight mechanic is stunningly atmospheric and useful, and the decision is to omit weapons results in chilling chase sequences. There is simply a lot to love about Shattered Memories, which is why it's so easy to recommend the title despite a couple of shortcomings."

"It has been a rocky road getting Silent Hill back on track after the unexplained decision to remove development duties from the original Team Silent, but with Shattered Memories, Climax has found its feet in some style. Packed with inventive ideas and one engaging sequence after another, it's a spirited, poignant and unsettling game that not only delivers a long-overdue return to form, but reinvigorates horror adventures in the process."

"Shattered Memories is a fantastic return to the core concept of personal fear, and though its developers made some unorthodox decisions--such as removing combat entirely--those decisions have paid off handsomely. This is not the Silent Hill that may have terrified you more than a decade ago but an entirely new experience that is truer to it than any other game bearing the name since Silent Hill 3."

"It focuses on the horrors of the human mind and gets away from the tired ghost story, making for a story much more involving and disturbing than recent Silent Hill titles. A lovingly crafted story draws you in and then wows you with a surprise ending that leaves a lingering fascination. And chills. I'm still thinking about it. From one die-hard Silent Hill fan to another, this is a true Silent Hill game. A better Silent Hill game. Do not miss this game."

Atomic Gamer
"Shattered Memories is in some ways a true return to form for the series, although with recent news of Akira Yamaoka—whose music and vision has consistently defined the series—leaving Konami, it may be the last true Silent Hill game, period."

Nintendo Life
"Whether you buy into the psychology bits or not, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is still a great horror game on a console starved for them, yet is more remarkable for being a distinctly Wii game through-and-through. Play it for the atmosphere, play it for the suspense, play it for the story; we don’t care, just don’t miss out on one of the best Wii games this year."

Giant Bomb
"Silent Hill: Shattered Memories takes some bold, unpredictable risks with this venerated franchise, and the result is a heck of a lot more interesting than yet another survival horror game with motion-assisted aiming might have been. And thanks to the careful handling of the narrative, it's an indelible experience that proves you don't need endless shooting and buckets of blood to produce a mature, resonant horror experience, on the Wii or on any other platform."

"After witnessing what the developers were able to accomplish emotionally and psychologically, I’m convinced that there’s a whole new level of gameplay we gamers have yet to experience. Shattered Memories strips survival horror down to the bare essentials, and comes out as one of the strongest games in the genre’s history. It may not have much in common with its predecessors, but this is one Silent Hill story that everyone should witness."

Hooked Gamers
"Silent Hill: Shattered memories is an incredibly absorbing game, both in its atmosphere, and everything that you may encounter. Konami certainly have not forgotten at all of why the series is so frightening to us in the first place. This game is scary in all the best ways."

Nintendo World Report
"Silent Hill: Shattered Memories fills a gap in the Wii's horror lineup, and it does so with finesse and substance. It is a game that can be appreciated by anyone craving a good psychological thriller that makes good use of motion controls and in doing so, appeals directly to the Wii's core audience."

The Telegraph
"That Shattered Memories represents such a departure for the series seems to have been a bone of contention with some US reviewers, who have complained that it doesn’t feel like a Silent Hill game. Perhaps Konami could have been braver and released it as brand new intellectual property, but the few strands of DNA it shares with its predecessors shouldn’t hold it back from the praise it undoubtedly deserves. Shattered Memories’ daring differences should be celebrated; it’s one of the most innovative and enjoyable survival horrors for many a year."

Gamer Limit
"With its truly original and thought provoking story, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the rare game that is an absolute must-play despite having a number of elements that lead to disappointment. As long as you realize that this is a complete re-imagining of the original Silent Hill, you’ll be extremely impressed with the brilliantly crafted story and disturbing themes."

"Silent Hill is decidedly on the brief side, and you may well blow through your first game in six or seven hours—it falls short of what Silent Hill fans have come to expect... but then again, it makes replaying the game for the different endings that much more feasible."

"Even if there is both an upside and downside to the weaponless sequences, though, I have to give the developer full credit for bravely trying something unabashedly new. The same could be said for many of the unique gameplay offerings contained within the title."

Worth Playing
"Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a great rental, but it's harder to recommend as a must-buy because of the flaws and short length. If you're looking for a unique and interesting horror game for your Wii, though, it's hard to find one better than Silent Hill: Shattered Memories."

Game Vortex
"Conceptually, this is a far better game than 2008's Silent Hill: Homecoming, but the technical limitations and awkward controls force it back into tradition with the rest of the Silent Hill lineup. There are definitely some good ideas and clever tricks that more games need to see and use, but Silent Hill: Shattered Memories should have traded a little more on substance over style to make it more fun."

"Although the game has strayed from its roots in recent years, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a great effort to recall the dark and moody atmosphere of the original. No matter if you are an old fan or a first-time visitor to Silent Hill, Shattered Memories is a welcome core gaming addition to the Wii library, and one of the best holiday season offerings for Nintendo's console."

"The visuals are excellent throughout, with a near-perfect use of shadows and lighting. The character design is equally good, whether you're dealing with humans or monsters. As for the music, it's typical Silent Hill, with chilling melodies and effects. [...] Shattered Memories is the best game in the series in quite a while, and perhaps a precursor for better things to come. Grab a copy, turn out the lights and enjoy."

Nintendo Power
"So though it may not be the unqualified success we were hoping for, Shattered Memories proves an audacious and ultimately compelling experiment. We only wish it put our extra pairs of trousers to better use."

NGamer UK
"The fat's been trimmed, but the horror has dimmed. The result is the most psychological Silent Hill yet, if not the scariest."

Official Nintendo Magazine UK
"It's a shame that it's so short, otherwise this is easily one of the best games on the Wii."