Pochette japonaise

Compositeur : Akira Yamaoka
Chant : Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Version japonaise
Sortie : 29 janvier 2008
N° de référence : LC-1627
Durée totale : 1:05:54

Tracklist :
1 - Shot Down in Flames (4:00)
2 - Meltdown (3:14)
3 - Evil Appetite (2:05)
4 - Wrong is Right (2:26)
5 - Not Tomorrow 3 (1:43)
6 - Monster Daddy (2:27)
7 - King of Adiemus (2:29)
8 - Don't Abuse Me (1:39)
9 - Underworld 4 (3:07)
10 - Acid Horse (2:11)
11 - O.R.T. (4:24)
12 - Insecticide (2:12)
13 - Raw Power (1:17)
14 - A Million Miles (1:32)
15 - Battle Drums (2:18)
16 - The Wicked End (2:18)
17 - Blow Back (3:14)
18 - Real Solution (2:56)
19 - The Healer (2:53)
20 - Snowblind (2:01)
21 - Behind the Wall of Sleep (2:20)
22 - Drowning (2:26)
23 - Murder Song "S" (3:05)
24 - Not Tomorrow 4 (2:15)
25 - Theme of Sabre Dance (1:34)
26 - Hole in the Sky (4:11)

La BO de Silent Hill: Origins n'est sortie qu'au Japon, ce qui explique le titre "Silent Hill: Zero Original Soundtracks". L'album est accompagné d'une BD nommée "Белый охотник" ("chasseur blanc" en russe) dessiné par Masahiro Ito, le designer des créatures notamment dans Silent Hill 2 et 3.


Shot Down in Flames
Swear at the walls
They make fun of me
Day after day
Eyes that follow me

Is it you again? It must be the end forever.

Seeping your eyes
Child's heart that cries
Raven flight, flight...
and the meaning dies

As it was before, it will be no more
Time does that.

Say it again, like you said.
Doesn't sound like you
Where are you now?
Does the young one know you're here?

Breath on the glass once again
Feel them pull you in
Nobody leaves
You won't let you
You're affected

Can you hide who you are?
Take a look at yourself
Can you stop what will be?
You think running will help

Can't give up on the past
When the past never ends
Now the dead that you raised
Live in me

What have you done? You're insane!
Can you bring God down?
Plans that you made
Don't include me one more time

Fire will dance on the wind
Bringing in your heart
Your sacrifice wasn't wanted
Still you try

Blow Back
Dark light blinds me
Am I fading in light?

I can see through the fear, nice try
Just a matter of time, it's another lie
When the fire turns cold, who's here?
It sure looks like it's me

Closer to the source of my pain
Mirror yours

Oh, I'm not myself
My God, what have you done?
Oh, the memories of them keep coming home...

And the nightmares are good, so good
Will I ever wake up?
Am I here right now?
Was the question too hard?
Dad was right
He said nightmares are good

Mommy, am I bad now?
Tell me... Why do we...
Is it lonely where you are... In there... Dad?
Does the darkness know your name? Does Mom?

What's it like?
Can you feel?
She said her blood turns to ash, laughing...
Dad, do you know what you've done this time to me?

Burning eyes can't forgive you
Howling moon drives on
And deep in me your illusion
What you see in me is...

Did you have that dream again?
Release... Breathe...
You're receiving what you said
Said she
Never mind

Emptiness, dead eyes and lost what you found
Maybe there on the edge is your hope
But you don't look down

Burning eyes can't forgive you
Howling moon drives on
And deep in me your illusion
What you see in me is...

Hole in the Sky
Oh yeah, I've been here before
I can see it with eyes closed
Shadows that look like blood
Dead as far as the mind goes

Fear that comes from my head
Lives in the mirror
Why won't you let me out?
Does the evil excite you?

Haven't you had enough?
Does the feeling control you?
Just when I think I'm okay
Shadows surround me

All of the monster you are
I can feel in my head

Let me out, let me out (x4)

No more, I'm through
You win, I'm dead
You're sorry, sorry?
No you're a lie!
It's over, nothing here left alive

Let me out, let me out (x4)