Score Metacritic : 78%
Score Game Rankings : 78.1%

Presse française
"Climax s'est fendu d'un boulot impressionnant aussi bien dans le fond que dans la forme. Renouant avec le passé de la série tout en se penchant avec sérénité sur la jouabilité, le studio anglais nous déroule le tapis rouge sang jusqu'aux marches de l'effroi ou comment frissonner de bonheur dans notre malheur."

"Doté d'une réalisation étonnante et d'un scénario loin d'être anecdotique - pour les fans comme les profanes -, cette mouture PSP n'a pas vraiment à rougir en comparaison de ses aînés. Avec un casque et un lieu calme, on retrouve des sensations quasiment identiques à celles vécues sur consoles de salon, ce qui est déjà un bel exploit de la part des développeurs."
"Beau et doté d’une ambiance idéale même sur portable (merci Monsieur Yamaoka), Silent Hill réussit haut la main un pari technique peu évident au départ. La jouabilité reste fidèle aux épisodes précédents, défauts compris. Le principal écueil du titre de Climax vient de sa trop grande directivité et surtout de sa simplicité. La durée de vie plus que limitée (moins de quatre heures en traînant dans la ville) et un côté action, assez déplaisant pour le fan de Silent Hill que je suis, finissent d’achever un soft pourtant maîtrisé artistiquement parlant."

20 minutes
"Graphiquement parlant, ce jeu se classe clairement parmi les plus beaux de la PSP. Cela permet de retranscrire parfaitement le malaise angoissant imposé par la visite de Silent Hill."

"Fort de son statut de prologue, Silent Hill Origins procure son lot de révélations sur la célèbre bourgade et ses habitants! Reste que le passage de la série sur PSP ne l'a malheureusement pas émancipé de ses défauts récurrents, à l'instar des bastons mollassonnes."

Presse internationale

"With a good storyline, intriguing gameplay elements and excellent production and replay value, 0rigins is definitely worthy of a Silent Hill fan's attention. While the combat and camera system is pretty weak, and the manual control over shifting between dimensions removes the feeling of dread, 0rigins does justice to the series as a whole."

"While Silent Hill Origins cannot offer its legions of fans anything they haven't seen done before (and done better), it still represents a solid stop-gap release, and is worth checking out if you're a series die-hard with a desire to fill in some gaps in the story. And even if you're not an aficionado, scary, intriguing survival horror titles such as these don't come along very often - least of all on the PSP."

"The problem with most of the game is that it's all been done already. It's like the developer had a laundry list of everything that makes a Silent Hill game a Silent Hill game, but forgot to throw in anything new. [...] This comfort blanket of familiarity may be welcomed by fans perfectly fine with that, but it does nothing to enhance the series. If anything, it makes you wish that the series would grow up a bit."

"That all of this has been accomplished on the PSP by a little-known developer with a rejected project is a stupendous surprise. The graphics are among the best the PSP has seen yet, sitting somewhere between the graphical prowess of the PS1 and PS2. The sound is similarly intense and adds some scares of its own."

"Now, we've got to admit it: We had our fair share of concerns when we heard that development of Silent Hill Origins was not going to be handled in-house by Konami. Thankfully, after a few hours with the new game, our concerns were put to rest and we saw Origins as a solid addition to an already impressive franchise."

Worth Playing
"If you have never played a Silent Hill title before, then this is an excellent introduction since the story is only tentatively linked to the rest of the series. If you're in the mood for another slice of Silent Hill or simply want something to scare you senseless while playing games on the bus, then you could do a lot worse than Origins."

"Silent Hill Origins is perfect, both for the series aficionado and the first time gamer, venturing in the sick and sad world of Alessa."

The Gamers' Temple
"The sound and graphics alone are truly a site to behold. This is a definite pickup for any survival horror fan and should be a worthy playthrough for any other type of gamer as well. [...] The darkness will spread throughout Silent Hill as its origins are revealed but Silent Hill Origins is far from a nightmare - it is the best portable survival horror experience yet!"

"While the game is short, it never feels like you've wasted your money... the world is packed with little details to find, and there are also multiple endings which encourage replays. The graphics are among the very best on the PSP, hands down, and deserves commendation for taking the hardware as seriously as it should be. Not only that, the music and ambience is generally extremely well done, perfectly capturing the mood of any given moment and giving you the jitters where appropriate."

Hardcore Gamer Magazine
"Not only is Silent Hill Origins a strong handheld effort, but also a worthy entry into the beloved series."

Play Magazine
"This is not some side-story relegated to the PSP, but a true new chapter worthy of its name and console-sized in scope."

PlayStation Magazine
"With a game as tailored for the PSP as this one, and a story that ties directly into the Silent Hill mythos [...], we don't have too much to complain about. [...] Short, but sweet and - if you followed the game's initial advice - truly scary."

Electronic Gaming Monthly
"Origins unfortunately also falls prey to the series' most notorious pitfall--crappy combat."