Score Metacritic : 85%
Score Game Rankings : 83.77%

Presse française
"Silent Hill 3 est encore plus beau que Silent Hill 2, plus intense au niveau de l'action mais il est déconcertant de voir comment est découpé le jeu, la première partie du soft étant assez décevante et ce même si nous avons droit à de nouveaux environnements. Néanmoins dans son ensemble, Silent Hill 3 est une oeuvre fragile, indispensable, le jeu nous raconte une histoire qui semble avoir été co-écrite par Machiavel et Lovecraft, et se pose simplement comme un prolongement aux plus belles oeuvres de Carpenter, Lynch ou Brian Yuzna."

"Silent Hill 3 est l'exemple même d'une série arrivée à maturité. S'il ne révolutionne pas le genre et reste assez classique dans le fond, la puissance du scénario, l'intensité de la bande-son et le traitement original de l'esthétique suffisent à transporter le joueur dans l'horreur brute."

"Tableau de maître au panthéon du Survival Horror, Silent Hill sonne le glas du game design enfantin, se fait l’héritier des films gore génération seventies / eighties, désacralise le mythe du jeu vidéo pour ados."

PC Jeux
"Ni nouveautés, ni améliorations, mais, la peur est bien là, et c'est l'essentiel."

"Silent Hill 3 repousse une nouvelle fois les limites de l’angoisse. Konami maîtrise son sujet à la perfection !"

Presse internationale

"Yes, the nigh-eternal foibles of cinematic horror games are still here, scattered about, but the product as a whole is still one of the best things going in horror gaming."

"While it arguably does little in term of innovation, it has some classic puzzles, far more satisfying combat elements than ever before, some truly horrifying sections, fantastic visuals, gruesome audio and a quality storyline that kicks most of the embarrassing competition out of sight. It's hard to think of many titles as unnervingly compelling as Silent Hill 3, and as such already ranks as one of the games of the year. Classic stuff."

All About Games
"Silent Hill 3 could be considered the best yet, but it is not as big a jump from SH2 to this, as it was from the original to SH2. Nevertheless, it is a must-have game for any survival horror fan - particuarly those starved from the genre on PC. Outstanding!"

Into Liquid Sky
"In the end, SH3 really adds a new level of terror to the Silent Hill franchise. It has the same great atmosphere and tension from the first two games all while adding tons more enemies and more tension because of it."

"All in all, Silent Hill 3 is an excellent addition to the series. Its story is tied into the story of the first game and keeps a number of themes and locales from the second game well in focus. There's no remarkable new gameplay to speak of, so the game is clearly intended for fans of the series, who've been impressed over the years by Silent Hill's unusually dark and psychological style. This new game will be familiar to them in many ways, and the story, the characters, and the visuals add up to make Silent Hill 3 a worthy successor."

"If you're more familiar with the second game than the first, you'll doubtless find the heavier occultic, religious tone a little distracting. It's okay, though; you will deal, or you will die. And the road to Paradise may be truly scheduled for demolition. Proceed with caution."

"Don't expect to find radical gameplay changes or innovative open-ended mechanics here. Instead, come armed with a belly full of courage and a clean change of underwear, because I can't even remember when a video game has shoved this much grotesque evil down my throat in one serving. It's fun to be scared, and it's more fun to play Silent Hill 3."

Gaming Target
"Good, bad, this is Silent Hill 3: the next step Konami has taken into broadening their masterful epilogue of psychological fears, blood shedding, and awe stricken sounds and sights galore. [...] As it stands, Silent Hill 3 doesn't end up becoming the best in what the series has to offer, but it's close."

Worth Playing
"Silent Hill 3 is a worthy sequel to the single most frightening video game of all time, and has its own visceral impact. The people who made this game know exactly how to frighten you, by trapping you in what may be another world entirely, with only a flashlight and what seems like a wholly insufficent weapon to protect yourself. [...] A likeable heroine, a truly frightening video game, devious puzzles, and enough gore to scare your little brother out of the room: what else do you want?"

Game Over
"Silent Hill 3 stands as a truly worthy sequel to a couple of already-impressive survival horror games. It may not be as tempting a proposition as the original game was back in 1999, but it definitely removes any bitter taste left in the mouths of gamers after playing through part two. If you’re looking for a genuinely unsettling and terrifying survival horror experience on your PS2, than look no further, this is it."

Official U.S. Playstation Magazine
"Have you ever walked out of a particularly good horror flick only to discover that your muslces ache because you've been tensing them up in anticipation of the next terrifying event?"

G4 TechTV
"This is the current high-mark of scary games, period, with production values that put most contemporary horror-flicks to shame."

"It's an interactive nightmare, complete with off-kilter logic and unnerving imagery, both of which are bound to stay with you for weeks."